About Safe House Blog


Who Are We?

We are me: a single individual who wishes to remain anoonymous for now. I’ll be posting content under the name Pansy (explanation). I am a transcender of childhood sexual abuse.

The reason I’m choosing to be anonymous is simply that I have a few other web sites on related themes and I don’t want to create the appearance that this blog is meant to promote my own content. I am open in my life as a survivor and active within the male survivor community.

What Is Safe Blog?

One of the most important things survivors need is to know that we are not alone. I have a background in theatre, I write poetry and I appreciate art of all kinds. I created this blog as a resource for anyone interested in art borne of male trauma, especially in boyhood.

This Is Not A Review Site

I’m not presenting myself as a critic or gatekeeper. I understand that simply by the act of inclusion I am promoting the content linked to but, at this time, I’m simply pointing to content with little editorial intent other than to point out that it exists. I suppose this may change as the site evolves but I gotta start somewhere.


I don’t currently have a policy or mechanism for accepting submissions. I will probably create a submission form and procedure soon.