Boys and Men Healing

Boys and Men Healing is an acclaimed documentary about the impact the sexual abuse of boys has on both the individual and society, and the importance of healing and speaking out for male survivors to end the devastating effects. The film portrays stories of three courageous men whose arduous healing helped them reclaim their lives—while giving them a powerful voice to speak out, and take bold action toward prevention for other boys.

The film includes a support group of men and is testimony to the importance of men finding safe places to support one another and share their stories together. The documentary explores issues such as the cycle of violence, intimacy, sexuality, masculinity stereotypes and the need for resources and education focusing on healing for boys,male adolescents and men who have been sexually abused.

Boys and Men Healing was produced in association with the International Documentary Association, broadcast on PBS Stations nationwide, distributed worldwide, and screened in hundreds of communities, universities and organizations, including the US Justice Departnent and government venues, with panel discussions. The film is utilized as one of the leading educational and training tools by thousands of organizations worldwide.

Can be rented/streamed from Big Voice Pictures.


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